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AMENDA: The namesake of the founder's maternal grandmother



AMENDA BEAUTY was created from Sandra’s own personal struggle with hypothyroidism. One of the major side effects of this thyroid disease is suffering from excessive dry skin. 

She tried many products to help alleviate her dry skin but nothing seemed to work good enough. She started to restrict her use of medical grade skin care products as they were a little harsh on her skin. She turned to cleaner beauty products but even then she was having a hard time finding ones that help to deeply nourish and hydrate her skin for extended periods of time. Since she also struggled with eczema, she knew that she wanted to work on creating products that would make her feel comfortable in her skin.

Armed with her medical aesthetics background, the knowledge of herbal/plant properties prominently learned from growing up in a Jamaican household and her passion for achieving healthy clear skin, she moved forward with creating a line of beauty products to effectively treat and nourish dry skin at a deeper level. With that, AMENDA BEAUTY was born.